Purchase the Best Scrap Jewelry with Dvir and Stoler Refining

Dvir and Stoler is a full service gold refinery, assayer, sell gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and other valuable metals. Located in the center of Jewelry District on 47th Street in New York, Dvir and Stoler are committed to excellence in refining valuable metals. The main goal of Dvir and Stoler is to make the individual feel comfortable with the valuable metal transactions and they take a pledge to do various things and everything to make one feel at ease during the whole procedure.

If you are looking for scrap jewelry, you should visit no other place than Dvir and Stoler. You are free to explore the website of Dvir and Stoler and check the rates of costly metal to note if the time is correct for you invest your money in buying scrap jewelry or not. For more than twenty years, Dvir and Stoler Refining are working hard to earn the reputation as one of the best refiners who handle gold refinery.

The company works with contractors, jewelers, dentists, dental labs and pawnshops. They feel proud as being one the biggest company to sell gold scrap and other items. They consider the priority of the customer as the most important thing. Representing Dvir and Stoler is really simple. All the refining equipment used in the gold refinery is located conveniently on the premises of the offices at New York.

Dvir and Stoler refining is known for refining precious metals. In addition to the devotion of Dvir and Stoler to the comfort of customer, the company is also committed to deliver the highest yields in an industry. You can join the team and find the comfort that other customers enjoy. Apart from gold refinery, Dvir and Stoler also refines scrap silver. If you want to sell gold scrap, at first you have to send a mail to the company regarding the products or you can also drop them at their offices in New York.

Unlike some of the competitors involved in refining precious metals Dvir and Stoler have no pre-paid, formal mailing packs and several frills. They avoid a costly formal packing procedure intentionally to lessen the costs of shipping so that they can pay great returns to the consumers. At the time of the arrival of metal, Dvir and Stoler assign every lot their own number, which attends it with the help of different processing stages.

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Earn Large Amount of Cash for Gold Jewelry at Dvir and Stoler Refining

Dvir and Stoler is a full service refiner, which sell gold scrap, assayer, platinum, silver and other valuable metals. Placed directly in the middle of the Jewelry District in New York, the companies sells scrap gold and are committed to excellence as far as refining of the metals are concerned. For refining the metals, Dvir and Stoler have several refiners where the refining of metals is done. The main aim of Dvir and Stoler Refining is to make one feel comfortable with their precious scrap gold transaction and they pledge to do everything and anything to make the customers feel at ease during the whole process. Please visit the website and check the present valuable scrap gold rates to find if the time is perfect for you or not.

This company is in the business of providing cash for gold jewelry since more than 20 years. It has earned a reputable position as the most precious metal refiners in the industry. The company works with the top jewelers, pawnshops, contractors, dental labs and dentists. We take pride in ourselves as being huge enough for accommodating large professions but small enough to make all the clients our top priority. Representation at Dvir and Stoler is made very simple. All the refining devices are located in the area near the offices in New York City. Moreover, with the cash for gold jewelry Dvir and Stoler refining also aims at customer comfort. This company is committed for delivering the highest yields in this industry. If you are looking for a place to sell scrap gold, Dvir and Stoler is the perfect place for you. One can join our team and find the comfort the other consumers already enjoy.

For earning a large amount of cash for gold jewelry Dvir and Stoler Refining offers various options. This company is regarded as one of the top companies offering the best amount of cash for gold jewelry. For the best rates, Dvir and Stoler Refining undergo several processes regarding the reimbursement and metal submission method. Our consumers will send us mail regarding the items that needs to be dropped at our city office. Unlike some of the competitors that Dvir and Stoler has, they do not have any formal, pre paid and mainlining and frills with them.

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